Sporting Events


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$350-March 31st

Final Four

Experience first hand, the pressure packed environments at the Final Four and see which teams rise to the pressure and advance for the chance to play for the highest honor in all of College Basketball.

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$400-April 2nd

NCAA Championship game

Experience the pinnacle of college basketball when every school and emotion comes to the forefront for the chance to be crowned champions of the collegiate world.


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$300-may 26th

Champions League

Watch the final top best two clubs in Europe compete for the most prestigious club trophy in the world.




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$650-May 6th

El Clasico

Clash between two best players in the world, as Messi and Ronaldo try and lead their teams to victory in the fiercest rivalry in all of Spain.


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$500-April 9th

Cubs VS Pirates

Watch one of the most exciting young teams in the Chicago Cubs start their season off against a division rival in the Pittsburgh Pirates.   


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$625- Begin May 31st

NBA Finals

Watch the best the NBA has to offer compete for the chance to be champions in a 7 game series full of high powered energy and emotion.