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$750-April 13-22


The biggest and most popular music festival of all time is here! Buy your tickets to see amazing artists with the view of sunsets and mountains. Headliners for the event include The Weeknd, Beyonce, and Eminem. Get your tickets today!

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$250- June 24th

Kendrick Lamar

Be in your “ELEMENT” at Kendrick's next show.


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$125-June 16th

Luke Bryan

Never forget ‘What Makes You Country’ at this Luke Bryan concert. Get back in touch with your country


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$260-July 19-22

Country Thunder

Yeeehaw! Join us for the perfect summer getaway with your cowboy boots and hats! See all of your favorite artists in Wisconsin for the biggest country event of the year!



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$225-May 5th


One of the newest and most trending artists of the year! Watch Khalid live and experience the life of an “American Teen!” Sunday June 3, 2018 in New York, NY


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$310-June 8-10

Spring Awakening Music Festival

A music festival like no other! Get your tickets to see all of your favorite DJs and listen to the best electronic music for an entire weekend!

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$188-August 18th

ED Sheeran

Be apart of a ‘Perfect’ night and experience some of the best music Ed Sheeran has to offer!



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$650-August 2-5


Enjoy the Chicago city skyline while listening to all of your favorite artists! Lollapalooza takes place in the beautiful and scenic Grant Park.